Adventure Trail In Nagaland

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From beautiful valleys to some of the highest peaks and other naturally splendid sights, Nagaland provides pleasure and calm to the senses. The villages in the state accurately highlight the rich cultural heritage of the native people. The rich flora and fauna makes it a natural hotspot. The stunning monuments and its varied marketplace are some of the other highlights of the trip.

However, be prepared to discover the place by undertaking a series of treks through some beautiful nature trails and valleys, the perfect places to reflect and contemplate on the true beauty of nature in all its glory.


  • Day 1 – Kohima- Dimapur


    The last day of the trip can be spent reminiscing of the journey so far in addition to enjoying a good hearty breakfast. After breakfast, take the surface transfer which will help drop you to the airport for foreign tourists and the train for locals who avail of this packaged deal.

  • Day 2 – Benreu- Mt. Pauna- Benreu

    Trek to Mt. Pauna, Experience of Benreu Village

    After a hearty breakfast, briefing will begin for the trek to Mt. Pauna, known as the ‘natural museum’ as it houses herbals plants and wildlife. Then trek to the third-highest peak in the state.As you get on the peak, enjoy the view and have lunch. Post lunch, trek back to Benreu Village where we will take part in a traditional dance with local brew. Overnight stay at the Community Cottage and Tent.

  • Day 3 – Benreu- Dzulekie

    Experience of Dzulekie Village, Experience of Fishing

    A visit to the small village of Dzulekie which comprises about 30 households will be the highlight of the day. Bountiful nature surrounds the entire village. Meet and greet with some of the local natives of the village and take part in a tradition fishing expedition. The catch will then be used to prepare a sumptuous lunch. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Day 4 – Dzulekie- Mt. Kedieutsukeru- Base Camp.

    Trek to Mount Kedieutsukeru, Trek to Seikhakie

    After a good breakfast, trek to the beautiful Mount Kedieutsukeru which is around 2400 metres above sea level. Trek for close to 5 kms in order to reach the peak. There is a high chance of catching a glimpse of some parts of the Himalayan mountain range. This will be followed by a picnic lunch and then a 9 km trek to Seikhakie which serves as the Base camp post lunch. The base camp is proximate to the famous Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary.Overnight stay at the hotel with a beautiful bonfire to end the day.

  • Day 5 – Base Camp – Dzukou

    Trek to Khonoma Dzukou

    The day will begin with a tough 6km trek to reach the beautiful and majestic Khonoma Dzukou, commonly regarded as a place blessed with natural beauty. The entire valley is clothed with small pieces of bamboo. Enjoy a dip in the stream which lies in the very heart of the valley. Explore the valley and enjoy the serene surroundings, providing ample time to shake off the pain of the trek. Overnight stay in the tents.

  • Day 6 – Dzukou- Dihozhu

    Trek to Dihozhu

    Wake up to the gorgeous valley and all the beauty it has to offer. Rest during the morning half and prepare for the next leg of the journey which will resume after a lunch which has been specially packed. Trek to the legendary cave in the area – Dihozhu. Get the opportunity to also trek within the sanctuary where one may catch a glimpse of the Tragopan too. Overnight stay in tents at Diho Cave.  

  • Day 7 – Dihoju- Khonoma

    Trek to Khonoma Village, Experience of Native culture

    Take a leisurely trek to the beautiful Khonoma Village. Also, during the trek, catch a glimpse of a sustainable way to practice jhum cultivation by the native folk of the Khonoma Village, a practice which has followed since a few hundred years. Enjoy a picnic lunch. Post-lunch, prepare to be entertained with a few native games and sports, also some folk-songs by local performers.Overnight stay at Khonoma Home Stay.

  • Day 8 – Khonoma

    Experience of Khonoma Village

    Spend the entire day in the beautiful area of Khonoma, touted as the first ‘green village of the country’. Post breakfast, enjoy a tour of the village and come across some beautiful ceremonial gates, morungs, houses segregated on the basis of age, forts. Meet the local artisans and witness some of their spectacular works. In the evening, meet the village leaders to find out more about the rich history and culture of the place as well as the efforts undertaken for conservation and preservation of the natural beauty. Overnight stay at Khonoma Home Stay.

  • Day 9 – Khonoma- Kohima

    Visit to Kohima

    After breakfast, head to Kohima, the state capital and pay a visit to the Sale Emporium, local marketplaces, the state museum as well as the famous Kohima Village. Enjoy a good lunch at Kohima. Visit the War Memorial, as well as Kisama and Kigwema villages post lunch. Overnight stay at the Kohima Hotel.





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There are no particular age restrictions for trekking in Sandhan Valley. If you are fit enough and do not have any health issues, then you can trek your way up to the top and stay over night

The tarkarli beach scuba diving activity duration is for one day. The reporting time for the activity is at 9:30 AM and the departure time is at 3:30 PM. During this time, you can enjoy professional diving experience under the guidance of a professional diver.

What is Sandhan Valley famous for?

The distance between Sandhan Valley and Pune is nearly 195 km. Similar to Mumbai, one can take a train or state transport bus from Pune to Igatpuri. From there, there are lots of private vehicles available to reach Samrad village.

Here, tourists generally go for jeep travel by sharing the amount (Shared jeeps has cost Rs. 50/- per head). After arriving at Samrad village, you need to go by a private vehicle and reach the Sandhan Valley. If you’re planning for Sandhan Valley Trek, it is better to check with the locals whether it is good to go.